Q. Who moves all the furniture?

We can move the furniture prior to the installation or you can. It is your choice.

Q. What if my doors no longer close?

After an installation, you will need a carpenter to adjust the door. All customers are made aware of this potential issue before installation.

Q. What about moldings?

We will install moldings for you or you can do it on y our own. It is up to you!

Q. What if the sub-flooring is damaged?

If we find that the sub-flooring is damaged then we have a list of contractors we can recommend.

Q. Do I have to remove my old carpet?

We will remove all flooring if you desire.

Q. Do I need to supply anything?

No, we supply all materials. All you will need to know what colors you like.

Q. How do I pick my floors?

We bring will bring flooring samples to you or you can come to our location.

Q. Do you supply the material?

We supply all materials.

Q. How do I schedule my service?

We schedule you at your convenience and when we have an opening.

Q. What if I need to reschedule?

No problem. We can reschedule!

Q. Do you do financing for your clients?

Not at this time.

Q. How much will new floors cost me?

It depends on what you want. Call us today for a free estimate!